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Now Available! Bias in the Academy Pre-Symposium Series Archives on YouTube

This year’s Neuroethics Symposia, a partnership of Emory’s Neuroscience Graduate Program, Laney Graduate School and the Emory Center for Ethics Neuroethics Program, is designed to discuss the complex influence of stereotype/bias on academia and apply advances in the science of stereotype bias to university policies and practices. Through a pre-symposia seminar series and symposia, a white paper will be produced to highlight challenges and to put forth practical solutions to move toward mitigating the detrimental influence of bias and stereotyping in academia.

The first of four pre-symposium seminars was led by neuroscience graduate student, Jacob Billings.  The video of this seminar is available below.


An Introduction to Bias: A Social Network Primer 
Jacob Billings, Neuroscience graduate student, Emory University 



Stay tuned for more videos! The next seminar series will be led by Chris Martin, a sociology graduate student at Emory University. He discussion is entitled, “Biased People or Biased Researchers? A Puzzle in Social Psychology.” 

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