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Announcing the Neuroethics Scholars Program @ Emory University



Are you interested in the ethical and social implications of neuroscience and neurotechnology?


The Neuroethics Program of the Emory Center for Ethics is proud to announce the Neuroethics Scholars Program. The program is open to graduate students in any discipline who want to develop their interests at the intersection of neuroscience and ethics.

Deadline for applications: October 15, 2011

Sponsored by the Emory Center for Ethics and its Neuroethics Program, and funded by the Emory Neurosciences Initiative, the Neuroethics Scholars Program is an unprecedented opportunity for Emory graduate studentsto become active in the national Neuroethics community.

Graduate students are invited to propose collaborative or independent projects of interest to them, which could include areas such as:

  • Developing Neuroethics curricula and co-teaching Neuroethics topics in both academic and public arenas
  • Developing and executing interdisciplinary empirical Neuroethics research projects
  • Developing and implementing New Media projects to promote awareness of Neuroethics topics and public outreach
  • Exploring the application of neurotechnology in political, social, educational, or health arenas.

Applications with new and innovative ideas that challenge the boundaries of Neuroethics are strongly encouraged.


Scholarship support is $4000 per year and can be used to supplement current stipends with the approval of the student’s mentor or Division Graduate Supervisor (DGS).

For more information, please visit our website.


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