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Visiting Scholar in Neuroethics, Montreal Clinical Research Institute
Deadline June 16, 2017

We'll be providing a number of videos, readers, and more that can be freely accessed and downloaded for teaching purposes.  Please visit often for updates!

Course Reader: Feminism Sexuality and Neuroethics: Emerging Undergraduate Scholarship 

A collection of undergraduate student papers written by participants in "Feminism, Sexuality and Neuroethics," a course taught at Emory University in Spring 2012 by graduate student Neuroethics Scholars Program Fellows, Cyd Cipolla and Kristina Gupta. Course administration provided by the departments of Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies of Emory University. Publication edited by Cyd Cipolla and Kristina Gupta. Cover design and content layout by Anjana Kallarackal. Published by the Neuroethics Program of the Center for Ethics at Emory University.  Feminism Sexuality and Neuroethics: Emerging Undergraduate Scholarship

Neuroethics Journal Club Videos

Video archives for Spring 2013 journal clubs can be found here.

A list of some of our favorite neuroethics sites. Please contact us if you would like your site to be featured here.


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