Neuroethics and Neuroscience in the News: Fall 2017

  • September 25 Neuroprediction of Recidivism—Eyal Aharoni 
  • November 6 Hallucinations Across a Spectrum: Dispelling Myths & Combating Social Stigma Stephanie Hare and Jessica Turner
  • December 4 TBA
    Please RSVP to to attend. Lunch will be provided. Seating is limited. Events for Fall 2017 will be held in the Center for Ethics Room 162 from 12-1pm*. Please note the new time.


    Stay tuned for 2018 Mark and Barbara Klien Mind-Body Conference 
     Second conference of the Mark and Barbara Klein Mind-Body Conference Series at Emory. 


    Stay tuned for 2018 Graduate Student Neuroethics Symposium 

    April 28, 2017: The Use of Preclinical Biomarkers for Brain Diseases: A Neuroethical Dilemma. Annual Neuroscience Graduate Student-led Neuroethics Symposium.

    Stay tuned for next Zombies and Zombethics!

    Past Journal Clubs

    Spring 2017

    Fall 2016

    • Sept 21: Dr. Heather Kleider-Offut discusses the neuroscience of police violence and systemic racism
    • Nov 16: Dr. Jennifer Felger facilitates a discussion on "Inflammation might be causing depression": Stigma of mental illness, reductionism, and (mis-)representations of science
    • Dec 7: Dr. Cory Inman facilitates a discussion on brain stimulation and memory.

    Spring 2016

    Fall 2015

    Spring 2015



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