The Future Now NEEDs (Neurotechnologies and Emerging Ethical Dilemmas): Spring 2018

  • January 29th* (3-4pm in Room 102) Ethical Design of Intelligent Robots with Ayanna Howard
  • February 20th  TBA
  • March 27th  TBA
  • April 17th Diagnosis of Brain Diseases by 'Voiceprint' with Jim Schwoebel
    Please RSVP to to attend. Seating is limited. Lunch is provided. Events for Fall 2018 will be held in the Center for Ethics Room 162 from 11:45-112:45pm unless noted.*


    Stay tuned for Sept 2018 Mark and Barbara Klien Mind-Body Conference 
     Second conference of the Mark and Barbara Klein Mind-Body Conference Series at Emory. 


    Stay tuned for 2018 Graduate Student Neuroethics Symposium 

    April 28, 2017: The Use of Preclinical Biomarkers for Brain Diseases: A Neuroethical Dilemma. Annual Neuroscience Graduate Student-led Neuroethics Symposium.

    Stay tuned for next Zombies and Zombethics!

    Past Journal Clubs

    Fall 2017

    • September 25 Neuroprediction of Recidivism—Eyal Aharoni 
    • November 6 Hallucinations Across a Spectrum: Dispelling Myths & Combating Social Stigma Stephanie Hare and Jessica Turner
    • December 4 What it's like to be a dog with Gregory Berns

    Spring 2017

    Fall 2016

    • Sept 21: Dr. Heather Kleider-Offut discusses the neuroscience of police violence and systemic racism
    • Nov 16: Dr. Jennifer Felger facilitates a discussion on "Inflammation might be causing depression": Stigma of mental illness, reductionism, and (mis-)representations of science
    • Dec 7: Dr. Cory Inman facilitates a discussion on brain stimulation and memory.

    Spring 2016

    Fall 2015

    Spring 2015



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