Neuroscience, Ethics, and the News: Spring 2015

    • Jan 29*: Julia Marshall and Scott Lilienfeld facilitate a discussion on "Does neural 'evidence' unduly prejudice jurors' decision-making?"
    • Feb 20: Jennifer Mascaro facilitate a discussion on her article, "Testicular volume is inversely correlated with nurturing ‐ related brain activity in human fathers"
    • March 18: John Banja and Ryan Purcell facilitate a discussion on cognitive enhancement, "Enhancing motivation, performance, or both?"
    • April 22: TBD
    Please RSVP to to attend. Lunch is provided. Seating is limited. Events for Fall 2014 will be held in the Center for Ethics Room 162 from 12-1pm unless otherwise noted*.

    * NOTE: The Jan 29th event will be held from 11:45am-12:45p in Center for Ethics Room 102.


    Neuroethics Book Club

    Oct 20 2014: Heidi Ravven will speak about her book. The Self Beyond Itself


    Oct 31 2014: Zombies and Zombethics!: (Stay tuned for Zombethics 2015!)


      Neuroethics Scholars Program: Application period is now closed.


      The Neuroethics Program of the Emory Center for Ethics is proud to offer competitive Neuroethics Scholars Program Fellowships. The program is open to Emory graduate students in any discipline who want to develop their interests at the intersection of neuroscience and ethics. Applications for our next Neuroethics Scholars Program Fellowship will open in Fall 2012.  Information from the past application period can be found here.

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