Neuroethics and Neuroscience in the News: Fall 2016

  • Sept 21: Dr. Heather Kleider-Offut discusses the neuroscience of police violence and systemic racism
  • Nov 16: Dr. Jennifer Felger facilitates a discussion on "Inflammation might be causing depression": Stigma of mental illness, reductionism, and (mis-)representations of science
  • Dec 7: Dr. Cory Inman facilitates a discussion on brain stimulation and memory.
Please RSVP to to attend. Refreshments will be provided. Seating is limited. Events for Fall 2016 will be held in the Center for Ethics Room 162 from 3-4pm*. Please note the new time.


Oct 9-10, 2015: Controversial Labels and Clinical Uncertainties Consensus Conference: psychogenic disorders, conversion disorder, and functional symptoms". Inaugural conference of the Mark and Barbara Klein Mind-Body Conference Series at Emory.



Stay tuned for Zombies and Zombethics! October 28, 2016

Oct 30, 2015: Zombies and Zombethics! Really Most Sincerely Dead, Zombies, Vampires adn Ghosts, Oh My! (Registration now closed)

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