Neuroethics Program Director, Emory University Center for Ethics

Managing Editor/Contributor
Carlie Hoffman, PhD, Emory University, Neuroscience

Assistant Managing Editor/Contributor
Nathan Ahlgrim, Emory University, Neuroscience 

Supporting Editors/Contributors
Kristie Garza, Emory University, Neuroscience
Miao Wang, Emory University, Neuroscience
Jonah Queen, Emory University, Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology

Center for Ethics Director, Emory University

The Neuroethics Blog is run out of the Center for Ethics Neuroethics Program at Emory University and, as of 2013, is the official blog of AJOB Neuroscience. Contributing to The Neuroethics Blog is generally on an invitation-only basis. However, we do welcome and consider writing samples for guest authorship. You do not need to be affiliated with Emory University to contribute to The Neuroethics Blog.