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From the Blog Team: A Thank You and a Goodbye

By The Neuroethics Blog Team Over the years, The Neuroethics Blog has been run by neuroethics trainees under the guidance and leadership of Dr. Karen Rommelfanger . At its start, the team consisted of a few editors who meticulously received, copyedited, and prepared each piece for publication. Since then, it has grown to include a robust Copy and Layout team together run by a Managing Editor; this group worked daily behind the scenes to bring you your weekly post.  This week, the members of the team hope to collectively share with you our reflections from our time working with the Blog.  Sunidhi Ramesh Managing Editor (2018-2021) Assistant Managing Editor (2016-2018) I discovered neuroethics the summer of 2016 during a study abroad trip in Paris, France; I started writing for and then managing The Neuroethics Blog soon after. At the time, I was double majoring in Neuroscience and Sociology. I picked these disciplines in hopes of better understanding the human experience, thinking the t

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