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BCI Samara 2020 Neuralink Panel Discussion Overview

By Maria Marano and Yannick Roy Image Courtesy of This article is based on a recent panel discussion entitled “Neural Implants - Neuralink… but not only,” featuring Jonathan Wolpaw (NCAN), Karen Rommelfanger (Emory University), Mikhail Lebedev (HSE), Xing Chen (Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience), moderated by Yannick Roy (NeuroTechX) that took place as part of the BCI Samara 2020 exhibition. The full panel recording can be viewed here (begins at 6:31:51). On October 9th, some of the foremost thinkers in the field of neural implants and neural ethics convened to discuss this summer’s Neuralink update . The conversation spanned across numerous topics, reflecting the depth of expertise on the panel. Throughout the discussion a consistent theme emerged: the importance of present-day planning aligning with future goals in the development of neural implants. At times, the panelists both commended and expressed concerns about the alignment of Neuralink’s plans with i

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