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Best of The Neuroethics Blog: Experimental Neuroethics

Throughout the year, The Neuroethics Blog will be highlighting the most impactful, exciting, and popular posts from our nearly ten-year history. 
Today's post is an update by Dr. Peter Reiner on his piece entitled Experimental Neuroethics, which was originally published on November 5, 2013 and is republished below.
In the half-dozen years since my blog post Experimental Neuroethics appeared on The Neuroethics Blog, I have been heartened to see that the approach that we championed – applying quantitative empirical tools to issues of neuroethical import – has been adopted by others in the field. I would not say that it has caught fire like the proverbial armchair in experimental philosophy, but quite a few groups have utilized contrastive vignettes as a mainstay technique towards ethical questions of their choosing, while others have used the technique to replicate either our results or those of others.
What has been most satisfying for me over the years has been to reflect on what t…

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